About us


My name is Isabel Hoornaert and I live in Hulste, a small village in the west of Belgium. My parents have always had Golden Retrievers. In early 2008 I decided to buy my first own dog. I wanted my dog to be unique and I was prepared to spend a lot of time in educating it well. So I started looking for a dog that would suit me perfectly. I soon came across a breed I had never heard of before, the Toller. Of course, I fell in love with the looks, but the more I learned about their character and activities, the more certain I became of my choice. I very quickly decided that I wanted a Toller and no other!

After quite some research, I came in contact with Annemiek and Sisi from kennel Alliance de la Vie in Roosendaal in the Netherlands. In September 2008, Kobe came to live with us and this was the beginning of a close relationship between dog and owner!
I had long decided that I ever wanted a son of Kobe. On 9th November 2013, the puppies of Kobe and Donja were born with Annemiek and Sisi. My long awaited son of Kobe was born and to close the year, Niño came to live with us on December 31st.




Kobe and Niño have both achieved their certificate in both obedience and hunting. Nowadays we are mainly active in hunting. We go often to shows where they both achieve great results. Father and son have many champion titles to their name.
Kobe is the proud father of 8 beautiful litters across six countries. Niño has already become a father of a litter of beautiful sons.