Alliance de la Vie Thunderclap



International Champion Rheinlandsieger 2012
Luxembourg Champion Belgian Winner 2012
Dutch Champion Europasieger 2013
Belgian Champion Fr├╝hjahrssieger 2013
Belgian Show Champion Rheinlandsieger 2013
Austrian Champion Bundessieger 2013
German VDH Champion Clubwinner BTC 2014
  Benelux Winner 2014
BEST IN SHOW WTP Happening 2014
BEST IN SHOW WTP Happening 2015
BEST IN SHOW WTP Happening 2016
BIS Veteran Luik 2016
BIS Veteran Giessen 2016
3x BIS - 34x BOB - 10x BOS - 36x CAC - 26x CACIB - 14x RCAC - 9x RCACIB


Kobe was born on 19th July 2008 in Roosendaal (NL) at Kennel Alliance de la Vie from Annemiek en Sisi. He has one sister and four brothers. After just over seven weeks and a great start in the litter, he made his first trip with us to Belgium, his new home.
Kobe felt right at home with us and getting to know the other animals went very well. After he first discovered his own environment, we started a puppy course. Kobe was a free puppy with an open character who quickly learned new things. He was and still is very owner-oriented and has a lot of attention for me. Because Kobe has a great passion for retrieving, we started a hunting course at a very young age.

Kobe is a very sweet and stable dog. He has a great work ethic with a lot of will to please. At home he is very quiet but once he starts to work, he is thrilled. He is always ready for new things to learn and discover. He is very fanatic with balls and loves to swim. We are active in obedience, hunting and compete at a lot of shows where he achieves great results. He already has many Champion titles to his name.

Kobe is registered on the stud dog list of the Vereniging voor de NSDTR and the NSDTR Club Nederland.